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The following is a list of answers to the questions we get on a regular basis. If you don’t see your question here or if you need more information related to our answers to the questions posted be sure to email us at sales@dsparmory.com and one of our support people will contact you shortly

Forged: A forged rifle is built from a slug of metal which has been heated then crushed between the dies of a forge.  Think of it as a hammer and anvil, each having half the shape of the slug you want.  The metal is forced to shape.  This allows inexpensive manufacturing because almost all of the waste material is eliminated, but at the same time limits the ability to customize a part.  There is no “spare” material in which to cut or add new features, such as solid trigger guards, enlarged magwell flares, more ergonomic shaping to the contact points, etc.


Billet: The part starts life as a solid block of metal however large is required to fit the finished part within the original dimension.  This allows a designer to add features to the rifle in almost any way imaginable, so long as it doesn’t interfere with the “universal” features that are the key to the AR-type rifle family. Larger trigger guards, made of integral metal instead of a separate plastic component, enlarged and flared magwell, shape and design that is more attractive, reinforced shape and size for heavy duty use, all of these things are very difficult if not impossible with a forging (because the metal has already been removed) but are quite easy with a rifle born from billet.

Yes, our standard furniture for the tactical rifle line is Magpul MOE Stock, Hand-guard, and Pistol Grip. Standard furniture for DeepWoods and Precision lines are Ergo Pro Stock, Ergo Suregrip pistol grip, and ALG Hand-guards (Leapers for the AR-10).  Other types of furniture may be special ordered, but may increase lead time and price.

Material testing reveals that billet material rates around 5% higher in most of the key engineering strength measurements, primarily tensile strength, yield strength, and bearing yield strength.

Our rifles feature both Bergara and DC Machine barrels, depending on rifle caliber and configuration. Both barrel makers supply us with precision high quality, highly accurate barrels.

As a domestic company located in Fulton, MS, we are committed to having our fabrication / manufacturing done locally, and in fact, we do most all of it in-house. One advantage of doing so is that it allows us flexibility in “mass customization”. As most of our rifles are custom, and made-to-order, we can track, control and prioritize our manufacturing efforts to align with our customers needs. With regards to the components that we do not fabricate in-house, we love having it done not only in the U.S., but as close as possible to our facility.

With the AR market saturated with manufactures what is that one thing about DSP Armory that makes me want to give you a serious look? At DSP Armory, we take maximum advantage of our small company structure. We don’t have 150 years of history, tradition, and reputation to fall back on if things are not right.  Nobody is going to buy DSP AR-15 because it’s what their grandfather used, whether it’s worth a bean or not.  A DSP Armory rifle is a tough built, finely tuned, methodically designed and highly optimized firearm. This means that attention to detail and unquestionable reliability are paramount. Each component is chosen based on its ability to perform, not how cheap we can buy a bucket full of them.  Every rifle that leaves our factory gets personal attention from almost every member of the team at some point, right down to the Owners, both of whom are avid hunters, outdoorsmen, and shooting enthusiasts.  One adds decades of engineering experience to the mix, the other adds military and law enforcement experience.  Along the way, between raw materials and a finished rifle, both owners, along with the rest of the team, handle, inspect, operate, and often proof fire every single firearm produced.  These are not cookie cutter commodity rifles sold at your local big-box store.  These are professional grade firearms, purpose built for the demanding task at hand, and designed to flawlessly perform for the shooter, whether the target is a relaxing day at the range, a hard day of training, a trophy hunt of a lifetime, putting a fine meal on the family table, or protecting families from any who would do them harm.

The entire receiver set has been designed with the shooter in mind. We begin with a  strong, integral trigger guard, shaped to reduce uncomfortable rub-points, allow the use of a gloved trigger finger, and designed help the shooter’s strong hand to remain in a more natural and ergonomic position.  This adds comfort and confidence for that “once in a lifetime” shot as well as in a long day of shooting. Other areas of the rifle have been reshaped and optimized to protect the controls while allowing easy indexing for operating the rifle. The magazine well has several key features.  The inside of the mag-well is significantly flared to aid in faster reloads with less “eyes down” time. The outside edges have been reshaped and reinforced for shooter comfort. The front face of the mag-well has been enhanced with an omni-directional grip pattern for serious traction for the support hand, intended to look as good as it functions.

In most cases, no. Our production is tight and every component has a home allocated before the first chips hit the floor, so squeezing in an extra receiver means putting a delay on a completed rifle.  Sometimes a few can be made available, but not often.

All calibers compatible with the rifle system are available by special order. DSP AR-15 Calibers: .204 Ruger, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8SPC, .30Rem AR, .450 Bushmaster, .458 Socom, .50Beowulf, etc. DSP-10 Calibers: .243Win, .260Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08, .338Fed, .358Win, etc.

All of our Deep Woods product line are available in Mossy Oak Bottomland, Mossy Oak Brush, Mossy Oak BreakUp Country, and most any other Mossy Oak pattern which has a hydro-film available. If you have one not listed in mind, please contact us for availability.

Every rifle we produce is taken to the range by a member of our shooting team, put through a series of function and performance tests, one of which is to be laser bore sighted and then fired 3 times with commercial standard ammunition at a standard target at a range of 100 yards.  These 3 bullets striking the target within 1” of each other shows that the rifle has been properly built and is capable of delivering precise and repeatable shots.  This proof target is then certified included with the rifle, testifying that the rifle meets our accuracy requirements.  This is key to shooting of almost any kind. Whether making a clean solid hit in the vitals of a “once in a lifetime” trophy hunt, having fun at the range ringing steel targets, to competition shots at very long range, to life saving self defense, the ability to deliver a round to the exact spot intended is among the most important functions of any rifle. For more information on MOA as a measurement of accuracy, please visit the following link: http://nssf.org/video/facts/MOA.cfm

Certainly, within the regulations and limitations of the law, all of our equipment is available for purchase by individuals where department/organizational policy allows.

We are licensed and capable of providing weapon systems to those who require tools for more specialized tasks. We are capable of providing SBR, Class III, Suppressed, and other weapon system configurations that are task specific.  Please contact us with your specific requirements.

We strongly support those who defend our nation and our freedom, at home and abroad, both in military roles and maintaining the rule of law. We want to provide the best tools to those with these difficult tasks.

Standard colors of Cerakote are OD Green (H-240Q), Desert Tan (Color #), Flat Dark Earth (H-267Q).  All other colors of Cerakote are available as an upgrade.

Our rifles are offered in Anodized black as a standard, as well as several other colors, some of which are anodized, others which are applied with Cerakote (ceramic epoxy composite), as well as a number of patterns of camouflage, some of which are also anodized on or hydro-dipped.

Not at this time. Our rifles may be purchased from DSP Armory in the US Only.

For firearms, Contact your local DSP Armory Stocking dealer, which can be located on our dealer map. For accessories, please call us at 662-510-7337 or 888-209-3588 to place your order.

Please consult our dealer map for a list of currently stocking dealers.  If there is not one in your area, you can buy directly from DSP Armory, however, All firearms must be shipped to a licensed Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer. If you cannot find one or do not know of one in your area, please contact us at sales@dsparmory.co and we will assist you in finding a dealer to handle your transfer.