Law Enforcement and Government Orders

For Individual Officers wishing to order ‘Law Enforcement Only’ Firearms, the following specific legal requirements (with limitations) apply:

  1. A letter, (see example below), from your Department Chief, Sheriff, or Shift Supervisor authorizing such purchase. This letter must state:
    A- The weapon/s (or magazines) are for the Officer’s use in his/her official duties
    B- Said purchaser understands the gun cannot be resold for non-duty use
    C- That said buyer’s record has been checked and found clear of any misdemeanor crime or domestic violence conviction.
  2. The weapon will be paid directly by the Individual Officer.3. N.F.A. (National Firearms Act) weapons (machine guns, sub-machine guns, etc) and short barreled weapons (rifles LESS than 16″ barrel and shotguns less than 18.5″) are NOT AVAILABLEto Individual and may NOT be owned by Individual Officers. (These items (transferrable only) may be purchased as civilians for your own possession- ask us.)4. If the Individual Officer leaves the Law Enforcement Agency, ownership of the weapon may be transferred to another Law Enforcement Agency through a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, or presented to said officer by the department, after which he will own and use the firearm a he sees fit, but cannot sell the firearm to a civilian.
Example Law Enforcement Letter

You may fax (769) 333-8609 or email us a copy.

Send to:
DSP Armory
204 N Gaither St
Fulton, MS 38843

This letter must appear on official agency or department letterhead.

Name of Officer

I hereby certify, under penalty of perjury, I am a duly sworn Law Enforcement Officer with our Department or Agency, and will use the requested firearm and/or high capacity magazine(s) specified below in the course of duty. The specified firearm and/or magazine(s) are not being acquired for personal use, or for purposes of transfer or resale.

Description of Firearm or Magazine(s)

Supervisor’s Statement I further certify, under penalty of perjury, that a records check has been conducted on the Law Enforcement Officer named above who is purchasing the firearm and/or high capacity magazine(s), and that it reveals no convictions for misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence.

Signature of Supervisor

Signature of Officer

Home Address of Officer:



Government and Law Enforcement Agency
The following legal requirements (and limitations) apply:

1. A letter, on official Agency or Department letterhead, requesting a purchase of a specific weapon must be received by DSP. The text of the letter is simply your request to purchase a specific product, and that is for official use.

2. A Purchase Order from the Agency or Department must accompany the letter mentioned above.

3. Any orders for weapons or ammunition being shipped to Police Departments or Law Enforcement Agencies must also include a Letter of Tax Exemption which must be signed by the Senior Law Enforcement Office, Chief, Sheriff or Agency Director.