The DSP Armory Titan AR-10 in .308 is a performance-driven design utilizing the latest technical advancements in today’s modern sporting rifles.

Billet upper and lower receivers are precision machined and combined with “top shelf” components resulting in one of the easiest to control and most reliable AR-10s out there. We proudly make these uppers and lowers in-house in Fulton, Ms. From a day on the range to bringing home that trophy buck, this rifle can do it all.  The Titan will deliver the durability, reliability and accuracy you’ve come to expect from DSP Armory.

Our DSP Armory Titan AR-10 weighs a couple of pounds more than our Patriot AR-15s and Minuteman AR-15s, but they well make up for that weight in their accuracy. In fact, we think our Titan Ar-10s are so accurate that if you miss the trophy buck, it’s your own fault!